NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Posters

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme helpline is 0800 707 6060

These are high resolution PDF files of the screening programme posters produced by the NHSCSP. You may download them for your own use, and add a local contact number (eg of a local screening centre) if you wish. The posters may not be altered in any other way without the permission of the NHSCSP.

NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programmes posters

For areas where age extension of the programme has started, this poster is available stating the 60-74 year old invitation age range

We've all done the test at home - printed size A4 portrait.

Eat well, keep fit, use the test kit - printed size A3 portrait.

You can't always see the signs - printed size A3 portrait.

Take a seat - printed size A3 portrait.

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