NHS Breast Screening statistics reveal increase in number of women accepting their screening invitations

First increase in uptake for 3 years

Published 16th December, 2010

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The number of women accepting their screening invitations has increased from 73.4 per cent in 2007-8 to 73.8 per cent this year - the first increase in over 3 years - according to the NHS Breast Screening Programme 2010 Annual Review, published today. The NHS Breast Screening Programme is working to improve acceptance rates amongst women as early diagnosis and treatment, which is the objective of screening, gives them the best possible chance of recovery. This year UK acceptance rates have increased across all age groups.

The number of women aged 50-70 in the UK who were screened has risen by 60,248 to 1,991,494 this year. The total number of women screened has surpassed 2 million. This is partly due to the extension of the age group to include all women aged 47-73.

Professor Julietta Patnick CBE, Director of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes said: "It is encouraging to see more women accepting their breast screening invitations. More cancers are being diagnosed by the programme and this means we are helping more women than ever before through early detection and diagnosis. I would encourage all women to make a considered, informed decision whether or not to attend breast screening when invited."

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said: "Despite improvement in recent years England's breast cancer survival rates are still lagging behind those of other countries and we know that late diagnosis is the main reason for this. The NHS Breast Screening Programme plays a significant role in the early detection of breast cancer which is why it is so pleasing to see the increase in uptake this year."

NHS Breast Screening Programme 2010 Review

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