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22/03/2012 | More women screened than ever before

NHSBSP is sending out more invitations and screening more women than ever before.

24/11/2011 | Development of an algorithm

Research funded by the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes has led to the development of an algorithm which can be used to predict breast screening attendance.

26/10/2011 | Breast cancer screening - An independent review is under way

Today a review of the evidence underpinning breast screening was announced by Professor Sir Mike Richards (National Cancer Director) in a letter to the British Medical Journal.

14/10/2011 | Improving earlier diagnosis of breast cancer in black women

The Patient Navigation Project undertaken by Betterdays Cancer Care has submitted its pilot report to the Government, in line with the recommendations of the National Cancer Equality Initiative.

01/09/2011 | NHSBSP responds to Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine paper

These same criticisms have been trotted out a number of times before by the same authors. On each occasion, they have been comprehensively rebutted in the public domain by various experts something the authors fail to mention in their review.

29/07/2011 | NHSBSP responds to British Medical Journal paper

We can't comment on screening programmes in other countries but here in England we do know that the best evidence available shows that women aged 50-69 who are regularly screened are less likely to die from breast cancer.

18/05/2011 | Significant improvement in survival from screen-detected breast cancer

New figures released this week for women diagnosed with breast cancer detected through the NHS Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) show significant improvements in survival.

16/12/2010 | First increase in uptake for 3 years

NHS Breast Screening statistics reveal increase in number of women accepting their screening invitations.

13/12/2010 | NHS Breast Screening Programme produces new leaflet

An updated NHS Breast Screening Programme leaflet has now been published.

10/07/2009 | NHSBSP responds to allegations in BMJ

NHSBSP responds to allegations that one in three breast cancers detected in screened women is overdiagnosed.

11/06/2008 | Screen-detected breast cancer patients match life expectancy

New figures show that women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, detected through the national screening programme and who then go on to receive treatment, have the same life expectancy as the UK female population as a whole.

03/03/2008 | More than half a million breast cancers and significant cervical abnormalities detected

New figures released today, to mark the 20th Anniversary of the NHS Breast and Cervical Screening Programmes, reveal that over 100,000 breast cancers and 400,000 significant cervical abnormalities1 have been detected since the programmes began in 1988.

10/08/2007 | Response to a new study comparing MRI with mammography.

The NHS Breast Screening Programme responds to a Lancet study published 10 August 2007 which found MRI scans are far better at detecting aggressive breast cancers at an early stage than standard mammograms.

18/10/2006 | Response to review published by the Cochrane Collaboration.

NHS Breast Screening Programme responds to the Review published by the Cochrane Collaboration

22/02/2006 | Breast screening programme saves 1,400 lives per year

A new report published today estimates that the NHS Breast Screening Programme is saving 1,400 lives every year in England. This comprehensive review of the screening programme shows that women who attend for screening are not only less likely to die from breast cancer, but also less likely to be treated with a mastectomy than those who are not screened.

03/11/2005 | Breast screening attendance increases across the UK

More women than ever before are attending for breast screening, according to the latest statistics published today in the NHS Breast Screening Programme.

11/10/2004 | More women attend for regular breast screening

Statistics published today in the NHS Breast Screening Programme Annual Review 2004 show that, with over 80,000 more women attending for breast screening, the programme is reaching more women than ever before.

16/07/2004 | New NHS guideline

New NHS guideline will help identify and care for women at risk of "familial" breast cancer.

08/08/2003 | First results from the Million Women study

Today the Lancet is publishing a paper by Professor Valerie Beral et al revealing the first results from the Million Women study. The study confirms that current and recent use of HRT can increase a woman's chance of developing breast cancer.

18/07/2003 | Response to letter by Peter Sasieni and Jack Cuzick from Cancer Research UK

NHS Breast Screening Programme responds to a letter by Peter Sasieni and Jack Cuzick from Cancer Research UK published by The Lancet 19 July 2003, in which the authors contend that, even before the results of the Age trial are available, women should be offered routine breast screening from the age of 47.

28/11/2002 | New government-funded study

A new government-funded study aims to provide a clear answer on whether screening younger women who have a family history of breast cancer can save lives. A new browser window will open to the BBC News website.

24/08/2002 | Screening reduces the need for major surgery

Screening reduces the need for major surgery. Researchers in Italy have found that fewer women have had a breast removed since a screening programme was introduced there in 1990.

17/04/2002 | CHI's investigation into West of London Breast Screening Service

Lessons to learn from the Commission for Health Improvement's investigation into the West of London Breast Screening Service

26/02/2002 | Response to recommendations

NHS Cancer Screening Programmes response to recommendations made by the United States Preventative Services Task Force to screen women from the age of 40, annually

19/03/2002 | Response to IARC statement

NHS Breast Screening Programme's response to IARC statement: "mammography screening can reduce deaths from breast cancer"

16/03/2002 | Further support to the NHS Breast Screening Programme

Long-term effects of mammography screening: an updated overview of the Swedish randomised trials' by Nyström et al, The Lancet, 16 March 2002

04/03/2002 | Informed choice about screening

Women, who are hard of hearing, visually impaired or whose first language is not English should not miss out on being able to make a genuinely informed choice about whether or not to accept their invitation for screening.

22/02/2002 | Women should not be alarmed

The NHS Breast Screening Programme says women should not be alarmed at a repeated debate about the value of early breast screening trials.

01/11/2001 | NHS Breast Screening Programme: The facts

NHS Breast Screening Programme: The facts. A leaflet designed to ensure that women are told what screening can and cannot achieve is launched.

19/10/2001 | Response to Gøtzsche and Olsen letter

NHS Breast Screening Programme response to Gøtzsche and Olsen letter published in the Lancet.

20/11/2000 | Learning disabilities project launched.

The 'good practice in breast and cervical screening for women with learning disabilities' project was launched on 20 November 2000 by Yvette Cooper, Minister for Public Health.

30/10/2000 | NHS Breast Screening Programme exceeds performance of Swedish Two Counties study

Statistics presented in the NHS Breast Screening Programme Annual Review 2000 show that the screening programme now exceeds the performance of the original Swedish two counties study on which the programme was originally based in all screening rounds.

27/09/2000 | NHS Cancer Plan announce pilot sites

There are four breast screening skill mix development sites announced in the NHS Cancer Plan.

26/09/2000 | Response to comments made by Professor Michael Baum

NHS Breast Screening Programme response to comments by Professor Baum claiming that the NHS Breast Screening Programme was "deceiving women and that many women are having unnecessary surgery."

15/09/2000 | Effect of the NHS Breast Screening Programme

Statement by the NHS Breast Screening Programme in response to the paper in the BMJ published September 16th, 2000: The effect of the NHS Breast Screening Programme on breast cancer mortality in England and Wales, 1990-1998.

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