NHSBSP Leaflets and Booklets

Some leaflets available on a British Sign Language DVD

NHS Breast Screening

January 2012 | Summary | Download PDF (251Kb)

NHS Breast Screening (large print version)

October 2011 | Summary | Download PDF (315Kb)

NHS Breast Screening (in other languages)

December 2010 | Summary & PDFs

Over 70? You are still entitled to breast screening (in English and other languages)

January 2007 | Summary & PDFs

Breast Implants and Breast Screening

June 2010 | Summary | Download PDF (448Kb)

Be Breast Aware

September 2006 | Summary & PDFs

Be Breast Aware (large print version)

February 2011 | Summary | Download PDF (43Kb)

An Easy Guide to Breast Screening

March 2006 | Summary | Download PDF (1.4Mb)

Understanding Breast Screening

A booklet produced by Cancerbackup, edited by the NHS Breast Screening Programme.

Copies of Understanding breast screening are available from Cancerbackup/Macmillan Cancer Support, free of charge to cancer patients, relatives, friends or carers.

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