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Second All Breast Cancer Report

Second All Cancer Report PDF 1.7Mb

This report includes details of all breast cancers diagnosed in the UK in 2007. In addition to tumour and cohort characteristics, it focuses on surgical treatment and in particular how this varies with age, deprivation and route of presentation.

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NHS Breast Screening Programme Statistical Bulletin (England) 2010 - 2011
(March 2012) (opens in separate window)

Statistics include:

  • Summary statistics on breast cancer and screening
  • Test status and coverage of women by age and by SHA region
  • Uptake of invitations to screen for women aged 50-64 and 50-70 by SHA
  • Number of women invited and uptake of invitations to screen, by age band and type of invitation
  • Number of women screened by age band and type of invitation
  • Women screened broken down by age band, type of invitation, outcome, and SHA region
  • Women aged 45 and over, with cancer diagnosed, by size of cancer and age band
  • Women aged 50-64 and 50-70, with cancer diagnosed, by invitation type and size of cancer
  • Coverage (percentage of eligible population screened) by PCT
  • Uptake (number of women screened) broken down by Breast Screening Unit
  • Selected diagnostic and outcome statistics for women

Annual Review 2011

The latest annual review of the NHS Breast Screening Programme including the following UK statistics.

  • Screening activity of women of the age of 50 years old
  • Acceptance analysis
  • Screening quality
  • Screening in women age 71 and over
  • Biopsy use
  • Treatment of screen detected cancers
  • Immediate reconstruction surgery
  • Regional and age-related breakdown
  • Outcomes of self/GP referrals
  • Standardised detection rates (by region)

ABS Breast Screening Audit 2010 - 2011
An audit of screen detected breast cancers for the year of screening April 2010 to March 2011

Statistics relate to:

  • Analysis of screen detected breast cancer
  • Non-operative diagnosis and use of diagnostic open biopsy
  • Pre-operative assessment of axilla
  • Surgical treatment and tumour size
  • Waiting times
  • Hormone receptor status, lymph node status, invasive grade and NPI score
  • Surgical caseload
  • Repeat therapeutic operations and neo-adjuvant therapies
  • Adjuvant therapy
  • Survival analysis

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