Sharp rise in test results sent out to women within two weeks of screening

Published 24th November, 2011

NHS Cervical Screening Programme statistics released today show a sharp rise in test results sent out to women within two weeks of screening.

Nearly 83 per cent of test results in England were sent out by Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) within a fortnight, compared with around 45 per cent in 2009-10. This rise is due to the national requirement that all women should receive their results within two weeks. PCOs were expected to achieve this by 2010.

Professor Julietta Patnick CBE, Director of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes, said:
"We welcome the fact that even more women are now receiving their cervical screening results within two weeks of their test. Shorter turnaround times mean less anxiety for women, quicker treatment and a more efficient system overall, and we would like to congratulate all those working in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme who have helped deliver these improvements. The Programme has worked in partnership with NHS Improvement to identify and drive efficiencies that will reduce turnaround times, and today's statistics show important achievements in this area."

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