NHSCSP Publications: Primary Care

Department of Health guidelines for assessment of young women

Clinical Practice Guidance for the Assessment of Young Women aged 20-24 with Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Published Department of Health 2010 | Summary | Download PDF (269Kb)

Taking Samples for Cervical Screening - Resource Pack for Trainers

NHSCSP Pub. No 23

Published 2006 | Summary | Download PDF (960Kb) | ISBN 1 84 4630 30 7

Promotional Posters for NHS Cervical Screening

Current list of promotional posters

Posters and Guidelines: Cervical Screening Statistics Poster

Published October 2007 | Download PDF (1.13Mb)

Cervix chart for sample takers in Primary Care

Published April 2006 | NHSCSP Pub. No 25

Available only to staff working in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.

GP Fact Sheet

Liquid based cytology (LBC) and national policy.

Published January 2005 | Download PDF (19Kb)

Woman to Woman

Promoting cervical screening amongst minority ethnic women in primary care

Published April 2004 | Summary | Download PDF (3.8Mb) | ISBN 1 90 3475 44 9

Cervical Screening Results Explained

Published with Cancer Research UK

Published 2003 | Summary | Download PDF (140Kb) | ISBN 0 95 0842 23 0

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