NHS Cervical Screening Programme statistics

NHS Cervical Screening Programme Statistical Bulletin (England 2010-11)
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Statistics on cervical screening produced by The Information Centre including:

  • Screening coverage (percentage of eligible women screened)
  • Test status and coverage of women by age and by SHA region
  • Invitations sent out (broken down by age and invitation type)
  • Test results
  • Turn-around time (broken down by PCT and SHA)
  • Recall status by most severe screening result and Strategic Health Authority, 2010-11
  • Target Age Group (25-64), results of tests by Primary Care Organisation, 2010-11
  • Samples examined (broken down by source of sample, laboratory, result, turn-around time and SHA region)
  • Outcome of referrals for samples, broken down by SHA
  • Analysis of women referred to colposcopy
  • Appointments for colposcopy: attendance status and appointment type
  • Biopsies taken at colposcopy
  • Summary statistics by colposcopy clinic, England 2010-11: waiting times and attendances, procedures and outcomes

Archived statistics bulletinsArchived statistics bulletins

Annual Review 2011 (England)

Statistics including:

  • The number of women screened aged 24 to 64 years old
  • Coverage (percentage of eligible women screened)
  • Number of women screened under 25
  • Colposcopy clinical referrals
  • Number of tests examined
  • Proportion of inadequate tests (including regional data)
  • Tests showing abnormalities, high grade abnormalities, possible invasive cancer and possible glandular abnormalities
  • Turnaround times for samples examined by pathology

Archived annual reviewsArchived annual reviews

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