Prostate Cancer Risk Management publications

PCRMP Guide No 1: Undertaking a transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostate

Published December 2006 | ISBN 978 1 84463 041 7 | Summary | Download PDF (119Kb)

PCRMP Guide No 2: Information for primary care: PSA testing in asymptomatic men (evidence document)

Published January 2010 | Summary | Download PDF (670Kb)

Information pack for primary care

Published July 2009 | Summary

Towards a consensus protocol on prostate biopsies: indications, techniques and assessment

Report of a conference held at the Royal College of Pathologists

Published June 2006 | Download conference report (PDF 290Kb)

Diagnostic value of systematic prostate biopsy methods in the investigation for prostate cancer: A systematic review

Published August 2005 | ISBN 1 90064 034 1 | Summary (290Kb) | Short Report (PDF 662Kb) | Full Version (PDF 1.23Mb)

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